Pathways Family Services provides professional support to highly skilled foster parents in the Edmonton area since the 1970’s. The Foster Care Program is under contract with and funded through the Government of Alberta to provide foster care to vulnerable Albertans ages 0-17.

Our Objectives

  • In partnership with Children Services, provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment for children that cannot remain in their natural home.
  • To provide children the opportunity for growth, development, relationships, and a sense of family belonging.
  • To promote the child’s well-being, independence, beliefs, and cultural practices from a holistic lens.
  • To support and engage with the societal, spiritual, cultural and ethnic heritage of the child and the family of origin.
  • To work with case management and stakeholders to reunite the child with the natural family, or placement with a permanent family.

Our History

Pathways Family Services has a professional social work history dating back to the early 1970’s. Beginning with 8 families, Pathways offered 20 temporary emergency placement beds to children-in-need. By 1999, Pathways was awarded a contract to serve 210 children each day and remains one of the largest private support agencies in Edmonton. Throughout significant funding and system changes, Pathways Family Services remains committed to the values and integrity of the Foster Care Program by prioritizing caregiver support while keeping the child at the centre.